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How can I make a booking?

A booking can be made directly in this website, or calling the phone +34 662 219 422  or contacting us via WhatsApp to the same number .

How can I arrive to the parking?

The location can be  shown here , also you can find us in Google Maps as APARCALO ALICANTE .

GPS: 38.300315,-0.538395
Alternative format: 38º18’02.9” N 0º32’18.8”W

Our direction is:
Ctra. Nacional 340. Km. 732
03195 El Altet (Alicante)

When the parking is open?

The parking is open the 4:00 am to 1:00 am, every 365 days of the year.

The transfers are free of charge?

Yes, the transfers are included in the price of your reservation, both the round trip, once you park your vehicule in our parking, you will be transferred with a minibus courtesy of the company and on your return trip you will be picked up and brought back to the parking lot where your vehicle will be waiting for you.

if you land later than 1:00 am you can’t pick up your car until 4:00 am

Valet Service

We also offer the Valet service, drive directly to the terminal, we will pick up your car and take you to the parking lot and on your return we will be waiting for you at the terminal itself to deliver your vehicle. The cost of pick up at the airport is 30,00€.The cost of the pickup in Renfe is  45,00€. Price includes both round trip.

How Valet Service works?

If you have hired the valet service you should go directly to the departures terminal at the airport or in the loading and unloading area in Renfe.

You must call us about 15 minutes before your arrival so we can wait for you at the terminal. Once you arrive we will pick up your vehicle and take it to our parking lot and on your return we will return it back to the terminal.

What do I have to do when I arrive at the parking?

Go to the parking control office, identify myself with my reservation number (it is not necessary that it be printed, with showing it on the mobile phone it is enough) and report the data of the return flight. Once this process is completed, we will park the car in the area designated by the person in charge and we will go to the courtesy vehicle for the transfer to the airport.

What do I have to do to get picked up at the airport?

When we land and are at the meeting point previously set, we will call the parking lot so that the pick-up service starts.

How do Packs offers work?

You can save even more money thanks to our long stay packs make your reservation and don't worry about the availability of places.

The offers of packs, are exactly for the period contracted from the day of entry will begin to count the period can not be paused or canceled, you can leave and enter the parking lot as many times as required, each pack has included a few once exceeded, a bonus will be charged for each extra departure.

About us?

The APARCALO car park, located at the Alicante Airport, was born as a result of the demand for places around the Airport and the need for customers to enjoy a professional and quality service. We are convinced that from the first moment our clients will be fully satisfied with our service and will create a bond that we will try to maintain with our commitment, effort and professionalism.

We are located just 4 minutes from the Airport, we have surveillance 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.