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Parking Aeropuerto Alicante

How it works?

  • 1 Come to park it
  • 2 We take you
  • 3 Enjoy your travel
  • 4 We pick you
  • 5 Get your car back
  • 24h access to left or pick your car anytime.

  • 24h surveillance to take the maximum care of your car.

  • Soon we will have covered parking. Your car will stay covered all the time, including long or short bookings.

  • If you need to pass the TUV (ITV) to your car, we do it for you while you are traveling.

  • We have a cleaning service for your car, interior washing, exterior washing or full washing.

  • We take you to the airport terminal with our fast and free service. Also, we pick you when you come back.

  • Closest to the airport long and short stay private parking in Alicante-Elche el Altet.

  • Easy to find us. Get here

Parking en el Aeropuerto de Alicante - Elche - El Altet

Alicante airport parking

Park it is the highest quality low-cost parking in the entire Alicante-Elche-El Altet airport.

Do you want to know the price of your parking at alicante airport?

Enter our date and discover how little it costs you to leave your car in your parking lot.

Because closer is better, choose Park it.

The short and long-stay private parking lot closest to Alicante-Elche el Altet airport.

Calculate your rate

Enter and calculate the price of your car's stay through our date or call us and receive your budget instantly.

How do we work at Aparcalo Alicante Airport - Elche - El Altet?

Easy, simple, safe and economical. We take you to the terminal with our free and immediate transfer service. And we also pick you up on your return, you just have to call us.

Easier than it seems, so you have your mind on the trip and not in the car.

Where can you park at Alicante-Elche Airport?

In Aparcalo, of course!

How can you find the best low cost parking at Alicante - Elche - El Altet Airport?

Look no further, you've already found us.

Details to avoid when choosing a low cost parking at Alicante Airport?

It is not good to trust any company, when you leave your vehicle requires trust, professionalism and a treatment as close and serious as possible. Put your vehicle in good hands.